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nkodp is:

an open source project on north korean international relations.

We make data visualizations and analyses to report on anything we find novel or counter-intuitive about this prickly and interesting country's interactions with the rest of the world.

We also aim to offer a centralized API for anyone to access our many disparate data sets relevant to north korean international relations and propoganda, with data indexed and systems compliant with modern open data technology standards.

All our source code is available on GitHub at the NKIR repository.

Progress on the development of this project:

  1. NKIR - project architecture and first mirror | Mon 31 March 2014

More thoughts on why build this?

North Korea is a sometimes confoundingly behaving and famously insular nation. We get a very specific narrative about this country through the media. You read about their sometimes hilarious behaving dynasty of dear leaders, you hear about complete international isolation, you hear horror stories about work camps, stories from defectors, stories from people who visit and find varying degrees of backward Orwellian state, you see a satellite photo of the nation in darkness surrounded by east asian nations that adopted more capitalist ideals and have drastically modernized over the past 60 years since the Korean War.

There is a wealth of data available across the internet media regarding the behavior of North Korea over time both internally and amongst the international community.

This project seeks to, through modern data analytics and visualization techniques, peel back the top layers of common narrative regarding North Korea and see what we can infer from textual analysis of international news media.

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