the online braindump of James Fallisgaard

Data visualization portfolio

While I'm productive with many software tools and workflows, I typically work in the following open source data science software stack:

Work in progress

interactive choropleth of North Korean international relations over time - see source here. WIP - D3.js interactive choropleth

as a Product Engineer at Impinj:

I offer here a sample of data visualizations I developed while working as a product engineer at Impinj on RFID silicon semiconductor products.

All product/company/situation specific details and numbers have been scrubbed as reasonably as I could to not divulge proprietary information.

This work culminates from code I wrote using the following data science software stack:

designing experiments to propose product changes and increase sales Portfolio_Impinj_01_DesignExperimentsChangeProposedSaleableMaterial

interactive dashboards to explore multi-dimensional datasets Portfolio_Impinj_02_InteractiveDashboardsExploringMultiDimensionalData

regressions to optimize multi-dimensional problems Portfolio_Impinj_03_RegressionsOptimizingMultiDimensions

trending real time data Portfolio_Impinj_04_TrendingRealTimeData

interactive dashboards to explore products Portfolio_Impinj_05_InteractiveDashboardsExploreProducts

production statistical distribution monitoring Portfolio_Impinj_06_ProductDistributionMonitoring

correlating time trends Portfolio_Impinj_07_CorrelatingTimeTrends

analyzing metrics Portfolio_Impinj_08_AnalyzingMetrics

optimizing yields Portfolio_Impinj_09_OptimizingYields


analyzing populations Portfolio_Impinj_11_AnalyzingPopulations

distribution analysis Portfolio_Impinj_12_DistributionAnalysis

defect analysis Portfolio_Impinj_13_DefectAnalysis

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